American Red Oak has a white to light brown sapwood, and the heartwood is pinkish red. The wood is similar in appearance to White Oak but with a less pronounced figure. Red Oak Machines well and can be polished to a good finish the timber is straight grained with a coarse texture. Red oak timber has medium bending strength and stiffness, with high crushing strength. It is a very good material for steam bending.
The working properties of Red oak depend on the density of the wood and the growth conditions. Nailing will require pre-boring and gluing properties are variable. Stains and polishes give a good finish. It is unsuitable for exterior work.

Uses include:
– Flooring
– Doors
– Furniture
– Panelling
– Kitchen Cabinets
– Joinery
– Sliced for veneers.

Approx average weight: 770 kg/m³