Utile is grown in West and Central Matures, the heartwood and sapwood are distinct from pink-brown when fresh cut, darkening on exposure to a deep red-brown with an interlocked grain. Utile closely resembles the related Sapele, both in appearance and properties but is more open in texture due to the larger pores, and generally produces a broad ribbon-stripe often wider and more irregular than that of Sapele.

Utile works well with hand and machine tools, nails satisfactorily, glues and properties stains well and finishes well once filled. A slight blunting effect on cutting edges can occur however cutting angle of 15 degrees will reduce the tendency for the interlocked grain to tear during planning and moulding.

Uses include:
– Furniture
– Cabinet-making
– Counter exterior and interior joinery
– Flooring
– Boat building and planking.
– Can be sliced for decorative veneer and plywood manufacture.

Approx. average weighs 660 kg/m³