There is both hardwood plywood and softwood plywood available from China, with varying glue bonds covering EN636-2 (exterior in dry humid and protected applications) up to EN636-3 (external applications)
Poplar core, FSC and non FSC. Mixed Poplar / Eucalyptus core, FSC and non FSC, Eucalyptus core, FSC and non FSC, Radiata Pine, FSC and non FSC The product is then over veneered with various faces including Engineered Poplar Veneer, Eucalyptus and certified hardwood, softwood and with paper Film & Mesh. Face grades are B/BB, BB/CC on hardwood faced plywood and B/C, C+/C on softwood plywood. The CE2+ is structural and is offered with a DOP (Declaration of Performance).The standard product is EN636-2, but we stock improved glue lines giving 40-hour boil test, 72-hour boil test and Q Mark tested to give further peace of mind up to EN636-3.