Western Red Cedar is grown in the USA and Canada a soft and lightweight timber, with correspondingly low strength properties. The sapwood is narrow and whitish in colour, distinct from the heartwood which varies when freshly cut from dark brown to salmon pink, assuming a fairly uniform reddish-brown colour after drying and turning a grey colour after prolonged exposure to weather. The wood has a prominent growth-ring figure, is non-resinous, and coarse textured. Works easily with both hand and machine tools, but care is needed to obtain the best results during mortising, planing and moulding. The wood is acidic and tends to corrode ferrous metals in contact with it so protective coatings should therefore be applied to metal fittings and fixings e.g. hot-dipped galvanised, or they should be non-ferrous, e.g. copper.

Uses include:
– Exterior Cladding
– Shingles
– Sheds
– External Joinery

Approx. average weight – 390 KG/M3